G.R.A.D. Cell Group

Grad cell a small group consisting of members who are on their post-undergrad life stage (young career, post-undergrad school, etc). As Christians, we strive to be more like Christ in our lives. Our goal as a small group is to strive to live out a Christ-centered community through the study of the Word of God so that we can be equipped, and the strengthening of our relationships so that we can support and encourage one another.

And also, this cell group will have these characteristics:

Gospel focused
(the basis of our faith is that we are saved by the redeeming work of Christ on the cross)
Rooted in the Word
(we submit to authority of Scripture)
Authentic relationships
(we build strong bonds to encourage one another in our walks)
Disciples of Christ
(we aim to grow in Christ)

If you are in the life stages of post-undergrad studies or young career, we encourage you to join. Contact us at simply.church.waterloo@gmail.com